This project started out as a list of books in a text file.

When I think about a book, I think about its content, the people who talked about it and how it made me feel. When I think about a book, I think about its cover, and that's how I wanted to interact with my books.

I realized that a small web application would be better than a bunch of text files.

This is an application I designed for myself and that I use all the time. Hearing about books I want to read, buying a book, starting a new book, or finishing one, these are events that make me want to go to my profile

Other people wanted to use the application. I want to know what people I know are reading so that we can talk about it the next time we meet.

“How was that book?”

I want to know what people have read and discover what interests them. I have had a lot of interesting discussions after people browsed the books I have read.

I want to hear your comments and suggestions. Let me know what you think.